Vanessa Valerie Tay

Integrated Marketer in New York

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Oh, hi! Nice to meet you. I’m an Integrated Marketer in NYC and I’m currently a one-person Marketing team at a SaaS company that provides cybersecurity and compliance software for wealth management firms.

I’ve spent much of my career building myself up to be a marketer who is not confined to either traditional or digital methods. Whether it's Brand Strategy, Public Relations, Event Management, Internal Communications, Social Media, CRM - I've done it all, and I love it!

I pride myself on my ability to adapt and evolve very quickly, and that has proven to be a valuable skill in all of my prior positions, both in-house and agency. I am able to strategize as much as I am able to execute. I have worked on my own and in a group, and I must say, I much prefer working with a team. I'm an independent self-starter, but it’s just way more fun to be able to work with a team of smart and ambitious people!

Outside of work, I enjoy exploring my creative endeavors, including jewelry-making, embroidery, and painting. Most of my reading materials consist of science-fiction, non-fiction books on Neuroscience and Gemology, and the entire Harry Potter series. If I had to choose a Hogwarts house, it would be Slytherin, but I actually identify more with Beauxbaton Academy.

I cannot and would not want to live without good chocolate and bubble tea, and I am also a strong advocate for the adoption of shelter animals, being a fur-mom to an adorable Singaporean Street Dog.

Vanessa is a smart cookie. She’s effective, driven and unstoppable in reaching her goals. She has that great balance of being an independent worker, and also being a good team player and colleague. When I worked with her she was always responsible, decisive, and resourceful. A woman of multiple talents, she always gets the job done.
Valerie W. / Ogilvy
Vanessa is a smart and focused team player. We worked together on several projects that involved both traditional and new media strategies, and she's never failed to deliver results, even with short timelines and tight budgets. She can be trusted to perform and is an asset to any team. It was a joy working with her!
Huimin T. / Ogilvy
Vanessa is a talented marketer with an eye for detail. She is focused in her work, full of energy and when she sets her eye on a goal, no one can stop her until she gets there! She’s also an awesome teammate who always has your aback, sets direction when there is none, and is a listening ear when you need one. I had a great time working with Vanessa and am glad to also call her a friend. She would be a stellar asset to any team.
Michelle T. / Carousell
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