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Dear Fellow Students and Colleagues, loving echoarte...
"You will not become expert sonographers by merely reading books or attending courses". Echo is an art, so practice patiently by now (repetìta iùvant )! Your insights should improve in your clinical judgment because of valid reports in a free course guiding your echo practice in the right direction, focusing your curiosity and your attention on skill questions and diagnosis, just trusting international practice guidelines, clinical pathways or algorithms and cost of illness analysis, response expectancy, good clinical practice and compliance with EBM, clinical and medical informatics.
I would be more than happy to read your opinions on facebook page. See you later! "Read and gather here every IDEA, which describes and explains the MEDICAL ARTS, TECHNOLOGY and HEALTH POLICY, and will give to all of us medical doctors a deep ECHO-ENTROPY for a CATHARSIS in metaphysics and science, dreams and illusions. This group ECHOARTE IMAGING" is widely dedicated to those Colleagues who love the medical-Arts or any other medical advice or professional work experiences in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering".
Look forward to join this echo-course if you are genially curious.
"The group is dedicated to those who love the Art ultrasound and medical advices will be welcome, frames, amenities, guidelines, professional work experiences, ultrasound competency assessments, without giving votes to none: the writer has passion and shows the reader to have, thanks to all".

الله ويوفقك ويجزيك كل خير


IF YOU GET GIVE, IF YOU LEARN TEACH. INTRODUCTORY ULTRASOUND GROUP IS DEDICATED TO YOUNG MEDICAL GRADUATES. Its clinical application will require study, work experience hands-on and bedside , frequency of ultrasound national schools and ONLINE BASIC COURSES to update and KEEP ALIVE the interest in this art and especially SHARE with colleagues abstracts and personal experiences, given the overall global management of health services, the use of medical equipment and technology common to all countries, the opportunity of a NEW WEB PROFESSIONAL GROWTH through the mutual cultural exchange.

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