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"token bulksender"

Token Multisender is an efficient way of distributing tokens, also known as airdrops, to a large (or small) number of recipients. The most straightforward method of marketing your token is to send small amounts to multiple wallets. Additionally, conducting such airdrops grows your holder list significantly, which is viewed positively by prospective investors as an indicator of a token's growth potential.

Token Multisender for Binance Smart Chain

Due to its low cost and great speed, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has become one of the most flourishing blockchain networks. With a huge number of investors flocking to BSC, token creators have taken notice, and BSC now hosts the biggest number of token launches every single day.

As a result, token creators demand an easy-to-use, effective token multisender to promote and airdrop their tokens. Vypr network has made a token multisender with the most intuitive user interface accessible, which boasts the world's first excel-like spreadsheet for entering and managing recipients and their associated amounts.