John Nieuwenburg

Vancouver, BC Canada

I am an award winning Business Coach who has worked with hundreds of clients. There are almost as many different ways of delivering business coaching as there are business coaches.

I coach in 3 primary areas.

Transactional: getting things done using proven tools, strategies and techniques. You wouldn't get on an aircraft unless the pilot had filed a flight plan and knew what all the instruments were used for! Would you?

Transformational: working with you to make the shifts in mindset needed to facilitate success. After all, success begins with mindset.

Accountability: helping you to stay accountable for the results you have chosen, that up until now may have been just a dream. I can't do your push ups. But; I'll help you do more and better quality push ups.

In an earlier life John was the Managing Director of the BC Liquor Stores that now does $2.8 Billion in revenue with a net income of $911 million. Before that he was an Executive with a national menswear retailer.

When not coaching I hang out with my fiancée Jennifer! I enjoy golf, skiing, running and reading. (I'm guessing I've read more than 500 books!)

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“Where asking better questions gets you better results”

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