Across The World


Across The World

WE DIDN'T JUMP ON THE FITNESS BAND WAGON LIKE OTHERS JUST TO SELL COURSES! We Were Here 1st - YEARS BEFORE THE REST when it wasnt trendy to be 'in fitness'. TODAY ALMOST ALL UK fitness organisations have such limited experience they share & teach the same dreary BASIC LEVEL 3or4 'recognised' course content.

LEARN - QUALIFY - SUCCEED with people who have actually done it for a lifetime.
Our trainers are the industries top 5% & we don't just 'talk-the-talk'!

TODAY: We teach the knowledge thats been lost. The true science behind Weight Training & Sports Nutrition that gives real results! Strength Coaches, Personal Trainers, Elite Armed Forces Members, 50+ Sports Champions & PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU - come to us for advice & Successful Career Paths.

NOW: With Global Membership in 87 countries WE ARE No:1

2012: Our 40 yrs UK & World-wide experience is longer than any other UK fitness training organisation. WABBA begins forming Regional Franchise Training Partnerships with an elite group of trainers.

1992: Scott Burton, the former 6x British, 2x European & 2x World Junior Swimming Champion & Multi-Published Author joins WABBA. Scott is now the WABBA Director of Training.

1990: Alan Runacres International Olympic & Power Lifting Coach, Trainer, Lecturer & Multi-Published Author creates WABBA Qualifications. His 40years UK & Overseas experience made WABBA Trainers the best

1975: Serge Nubret 5x world champion & Mr Olympia competitor creates WABBA

Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer certification: Strength & Conditioning Coach certification: 100% Home-Study Options

Nutritional Studies: Advanced Weight Training: Cardio Training: Sports Programme Writing: Fitness Testing:

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    • World Governing Body for Personal Trainer Courses
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