James Walsh

Jim is an experienced (more than 40 years) business litigator and trial lawyer. He has handled matters all over the world, bringing tempered tenacity to the resolution of every dispute. Jim has a wide range of skills that serve a client's business objectives.

Jim has the skills, experience and willingness to take the case to trial or through arbitration. He is an aggressive, seasoned litigator and trial lawyer. He has tried over 60 jury trials and over 100 arbitrations to conclusion. He is thorough, disciplined, and clear in his approach.

Ltigation costs are a distraction and increasingly the tail that wags the dog of resolution. Jim Walsh knows how to predict and manage litigation costs through budgeting, forecasting and alternative fee agreements. More importantly, he clearly communicates what to expect and when to expect it. It is all part of assessing and managing risk.

Over 90% of all disputes settle and each settlement must be designed to recognize a client's specific objectives. Jim brings great creativity, insight and thoroughness to the settlement process. He has served as court-appointed and private mediator and is conversant with all Alternative Dispute Resolution processes. However, Jim is a strong negotiator who never allows the "process"
to override the client's objectives.

Most important, Jim brings a clear, intentional, well-communicated,
disciplined approach to business litigation. It works to your advantage.