Walter Gefrom

Civil Engineer and Car Enthusiast in Utah

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Hot rods, classic convertibles, muscle cars and coupes galore — Walter Gefrom studies them all! In awe of what lies beneath (and beyond) the mechanics of automobiles, Gefrom visualizes a unique corner of history when it comes to vintage cars. More than just machines, these functional works of art continue to tell stories even still today. By attending car shows and meeting up with fellow automobile enthusiasts, Gefrom dives deep into classic car culture.

Walter Gefrom is a Car Enthusiast who views his classic car collection as an effort to preserve history. Fascinated by the craftsmanship of American muscle, Gefrom has a soft spot for Ford Mustangs. His all-time favorite automobile is the 1967 Mustang Convertible — and he’s proud to say that he maintains one in his own collection! An art form in itself, Gefrom is passionate about Car Restoration. In the future, he hopes to detail his next project in the form of a car blog.

Outside of his love of vintage cars, Walter Gefrom is a dedicated volunteer in his community. An avid supporter of the Boy Scouts of America, Gefrom has volunteered as both a Cub Master and Assistant Scoutmaster in the past. He is also a proud supporter of JustServe, SHPE and a volunteer at his church, the Church of Jesus Christ. Over the years, Gefrom has participated in numerous events and walks that advocate for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) awareness. An autoimmune disease which often falls on the backburner of research studies, there is still much to be tapped into in the search for an MS cure. Gefrom is passionate about shining a spotlight on the condition and works diligently to take an active role in MS awareness efforts overall.