Walter Maffei



2009 Third prize winner "stage international competition" Club Magico Italiano, Abano Terme

2010/11/12/13/14 Judge for Italian Championship of Magic, Saint Vincent

2012 Third prize winner "comedy magic" French Championship of Magic FFAP, Aix en Provence

2015 Finalist World Championship of Magic, Rimini


USA magic and skydiving in Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Diego 20/11-02/12

CANALE 5 Masters of Magic tv show, world championship of magic.


I was born and raised in North Italy, in a small town on the shore of Lake Varese the February 21, 1969; I discovered my vocation for the stage since childhood, fascinated by the variety of tv 70/80 's and by Chaplin's and Fellini's cinema. At the same time I felt a natural interest in magic after reading Silvan's book of Magic. I began, as well, a self-made formation that led me, already at a very young age, to be a professional performer; my "school" were pub, night club, cabaret, restaurant in Milan. In the 90 's I did experiences abroad, particularly in the United States, while in Italy I did my first television appearances, from local tv stations to large networks and performances in major events for international brands. The years of the third millennium are those where I worked and lived in Paris, initially to Disneyland and later in theaters off, where I could enjoy personal and professional rewards and that will give me a stylistic shoman ship. But in addition to the study of the stage, I never stopped to explore the meaning of the word "magic", becoming a sort of lecturer on cultural and anthropological sense of illusionism. In the lasts years my articles and glossary have been edited on books and magazine for magician in Italy. I'm a professional since 1989, after my personal path I can call myself an illusionist, comedian, host of performances and events; in recent years I have received numerous awards and distinctions at international level.I divide my work in cabaret, theater, television, and commercial and cultural events, but I'm also active in the social, in hospitals, institutions and events for environmental protection. I speak French and English perfectly and I'm often asked as master of ceremonies in international events. I'm also expert in coaching with psycho-magic performance and motivational jumps in parachute.