Walter Wehus

critic, Editor, and communication geek in Kristiansand, Norge

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Full-time communications geek & part-time comics geek. Street art geek in my spare time.

I work with science communication in the Division of Communication at the University of Agder. This allows me to meet interesting people and help them tell the world what they do.

I am editor in chief of the comics magazine This allows me to geek out even more about a thing I love, namely comics.

I am also a comics critic, with reviews printed in Morgenbladet, Dagbladet, Empirix and Periskop. I had a weekly comics column in the newspaper Bergens Tidende for years. Oh, and I write children's literature criticism over at Barnebokkritikk and regularly feature in Numer.

In keeping with my love for illustration and the graphical, I started the blog Mot Veggen in 2009, chronicling the artists in Norway's street art capital Bergen. In in 2014 I made the book Street Art Bergen together with the street artists Argus and John_xc.

Want to know more about Bergen street art? Great, I made a summary for you over at Medium!

All the photos from Mot Veggen has been shared for noncommercial use on Flickr.

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