Walter Wehus

Communications professional, critic, and author in Kristiansand, Norge

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Full-time communications geek & part-time comics geek. Street art geek in my spare time.

I work with science communication in the Division of Communication at the University of Agder. This makes me meet a whole bunch of interesting people and help them tell the world what they do.

I am editor in chief of the comics magazine This allows me to geek out even more about a thing I love, namely comics.

I am also a comics critic, with reviews printed in places like Morgenbladet, Dagbladet, Empirix and Periskop. I had a weekly comics column in the newspaper Bergens Tidende for years. Oh, and I write children's literature criticism over at Barnebokkritikk and some other places.

(You can read my articles by following the links in the paragraphs above.)

In keeping with my love for illustration and the graphical, I started the blog Mot Veggen in 2009, chronicling the artists in Norway's street art capital Bergen. In in 2014 I made the book Street Art Bergen together with the street artists Argus and John_xc.

You don't know about the unique Bergen street art? Great, I made a summary for you over at Medium!

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