Tommy Wang


nbI work at the crossroads of technology and travel. My experience and interests revolve around online travel and ranges from e-commerce, to hotel sales/distribution, to digital marketing.

Here's my story.

I'm almost an ABC, born in China but raised in southern Virginia where I never felt true belonging. So, in my last year of college I took off and studied in Shanghai. For the first time it dawned on me that a different world existed and I just had to hop on a plane to get there.

Shanghai was my first brush with the marvels of traveling. It fueled my desire to travel more, but it had a secondary effect . . . I had an urge to help others go overseas and meet people in this great wide world of ours. Like me, they would return home with a bajillion stories and a more open mind. By working in online travel, I now help propel people outside their local bubble.

I have a range of hobbies that help me make friends with just about anyone. On weekdays you'll find me lifting weights, and on weekends you can cheer me on at the volleyball courts. We can hit up a music festival together, and plan our trip at the hole in the wall burrito joint.

My next personal mission: Entrepreneurship. Take a moment and browse through my apps below. If you're interested in connecting, make it happen!

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