Wan Leung Wong

Hong Kong

  • Chairperson of the Hong Kong Linux User Group
  • Supporter of the Hong Kong Creative Open Technology Association
  • BSc (Hons) Computer Science, Queen Mary, University of London 2005

A geek. Hongkonger.
Free software enthusiasts.
Internet Freedom supporter. Fighting for the Internet Freedom, Information Freedom and Free of speech.
Like traveling and hiking

A software engineer, specialized in cloud technology. Favorite programming languages are Perl, Objective-C, C++.

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My Talks of F/OSS on Youtube:
利用 Vyatta 來 DIY 自製 Gateway (1) (2)

教育與自由開源軟件:每童一電腦 (One Laptop Per Child / OLPC) 介紹

開放系統研用協會 (OAKA) Mobile The Gathering: iOS App Development

GNOME Asia 2012 - GNOME之中文輸入法簡介、發展及困難 (June 10, 2012)

Open Source Workshop #14 (June 2013) - Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) 1 2

Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2013 - 中文輸入法簡介、發展及困難 Intro, Dev & Difficultly of Chinese Input Methods

Hong Kong Opne Source Conference 2013 - How Opensource/Open Technology could help on your project/Startup

  • Work
    • LinkOmina Ltd
  • Education
    • Wah Yah College, Kowloon
    • Kowloon Technical School
    • Queen Mary, University of London