James Chong

Ideation, Service Design, and Strategy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Founder at CAUSE/EFFECT - Ideation, Service Design & Strategy.

Co-founder at OLFAC3 Perfumes - Strategy, Commercial & Marketing.

I make ideas happen. I work with good people and businesses independently to identify and implement possibilities in the digital, creative, content creation and social space.

I lead, advise and execute on service strategy & design, business models, marketing & positioning, partnerships, and alliances.

6.5 years in audit, 4 years in financial consulting, 4 years in ICT industry funding, 2 years in broadcast media & mobile interactivity, and 4 years in broadband & social media service design before I started on my own. Qualified as a CPA.

I believe it's not only what we do. It's why, how and who we do it with too.

Some of the things I've done:

Developed & built the financial model for Tony Fernandes in his takeover of AirAsia,

Developed the 3G Content strategy for ASTRO/Maxis to secure the 3G spectrum for Maxis in Malaysia, & founded ASTRO Mobile,

Launched the first 4G WiMAX Wireless Broadband Service in South East Asia as the EVP of Product Strategies & Development for P1,

Co-conceptualised & executive produced the acclaimed short-film anthology from Malaysia featured in the Busan International Film Festival entry "15Malaysia",

Founded AIDSAware, one of the most impactful cross-media campaigns on HIV & AIDS awareness in Malaysia while it was active,

Assisted Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios (SIE WWS, San Diego) in expanding to Malaysia, leading to SIE WWS setting up their first international studio in Malaysia,

Led and launched Telekom Malaysia's webe community, the first fully-funded crowd-backing platform empowering Malaysians to co-create positive change,

Launched and led Zafigo.com from 2014-2020. Zafigo is founded by Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir to inspire & empower women through independent travel and community.

I’m co-founder of OLFAC3 Perfumes (www.olfac3.com), the award-winning Independent Luxury Artisanal Perfumery House from Malaysia.

I‘m currently co-producing Malaysia’s first successfully crowd-funded movie to be released for free worldwide in 2023 - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pendatang-movie#/

Other stuff I like - Digital Tech. Creativity. Design. Gaming. Photography. Writing. Exploring. Geeking out. Muay Thai. Good coffee. Good people. Good whiskey.

I also have a blog of sorts - www.war.baby

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