Xander Warrender (actor)

Small Business Owner and Actor in Saint Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Xander Warrender (actor)

Small Business Owner and Actor in Saint Catharines, Ontario, Canada

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Height: 6'1" / 185 cm
Weight: 220 lbs / 65 kg
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Voice: Baritone


Smiths Grove (suspense), 2018, Michael Myers, short film

Ed's Garage (comedy), 2018, *Ed*, Garrison Little Theatre

The Dining Room (dramedy), 2017, nine roles, Something Something Productions

Office Hours (comedy), 2017, Warren/Bobby/Henry, Thorold Community Theatre

Jake's Women (dramedy), 2016, *Jake*, Peninsula Players

She Loves Me (musical), 2016, Sipos, Firehall Theatre

12 Angry Jurors (drama), 2016, *Juror #10*, St James Community Players

I'll Know It When I See It (independent film), 2016, Ray

Strictly Murder (drama), 2015, *Peter*, Peninsula Players

Dangerous Corners (drama), 2015, *Robert*, Firehall Theatre

Opening Night (comedy), 2012, *Richard*, Thorold Community Theatre

The Lion & The Eagle (drama), 2012, *Gen. Brock*, Dominion Repertory Theatre

Any Number Can Die (mystery), 2010, Carter, Thorold Community Theatre

Sinners (comedy), 2009-10, *Peter*, Lakeside Players

Nunsense A-men (mus. comedy), 2009, *Sr Mary Hubert*, Port Mansion Productions

Hotbed Hotel (farce), 2009, Hopkins, Thorold Community Theatre

The Affections of May (comedy), 2008-09, Brian, Lakeside Players

Father of the Bride (comedy), 2008, *Buckley*, Thorold Community Theatre

The Uninvited (drama), 2007, *Malcolm*, Niagara Falls Firehall Theatre

Arsenic and Old Lace (comedy), 2006, O'Hara, Niagara Falls Firehall Theatre

Comedy of Errors (comedy), 2006, *E. Antipholus*, Shakespeare in the Vineyard

Opening Night (comedy), 2006, *Richard*, Niagara Falls Firehall Theatre

Regular Blend (independent film), 2005, *John*

Through the Footsteps of the Madman (independent film), 2005, *Maj. Forster*

Dream Lover (rom. comedy), 2005, *Galan*, Thorold Community Theatre

The Owl & The Pussycat (rom. comedy), 2005, *Felix*, Niagara Grand Dinner Theatre

Not Now, Darling (farce), 2004, Asst Director, Thorold Community Theatre

When The Reaper Calls (drama), 2004, *Victor*, Thorold Community Theatre

The Imporance of Being Uncle Roscoe (comedy), 2003, Eddie, Thorold Community Theatre

Funny Money (farce), 2003, *Henry*, Peninsula Players

  • Work
    • Prompt Care
  • Education
    • University-College of the Fraser Valley