Warren Hanchey

Duluth, Georgia, United States

Warren Hanchey is an entrepreneur with a broad and diverse background. Currently, he serves as a private researcher. He works with a health technology company in which he founded in 2006 to develop the holographic disc and bands for communicating with the body using meridians and acupuncture points. The company has grown exponentially and has been serving clients with numerous health technology products that range from sleep to weight loss technologies. Clients are amazed with the success of the natural technologies that have enhanced their overall health and wellbeing without toxic medications or side effects. With over 42 years of experience in business, including in the manufacturing, banking, construction, investments, finance, mining, and import/export industries, Warren Hanchey has started a number of new companies including one company that went public and grew substantially.

Companies Warren Hanchey was involved with founding include:
• Private Health Research (2006-present)
• LifeWave (2003-2006)
• Hamilton Financial Services (1997-2000)
• Jeremiah SA
• Homes by Michelle
• Hanchey Construction Services
• Futron Inc.
• Kroll Construction Company
• Kroll Inc. General Contractors

Warren Hanchey’s family history dates back to the 1800s in Troy, Alabama. His family was one of the founding families of the town and they made a generous land donation to where Troy University now is. Warren Hanchey obtained his Accounting and Finance degree from Troy University and has also attended the FDIC Bank Management School, State of Alabama Banking Department, and was a Registered Principal and Registered Investment Advisor.

In his free time, he enjoys traveling around the world with his wife Michelle, and their two kids, Meredith and Troy. He enjoys pursuing a healthy lifestyle and being active. He is also a golf enthusiast, having learned the game at just five years old, and has been weight lifting since he was 15.

  • Work
    • ZeroQuantum LLC
  • Education
    • Troy University