Wayne Parrott

Dallas, TX

I'm a "maker", mostly of things in software that help make us more productive and more knowledgeable of who we are and the world we live in. I co-founded Genuitec with the vision to do this through improved software development technologies and tools. Prior to that I developed bioinformatics innovations that contributed to the sequencing of the human genome and smart mission planning used by NASA Mars mission planners. My current work focuses on innovations and commoditizations of mobile and cloud development technolgies such that it is simple to use and globally affordable.

Other cool companies and projects I've been part of:

  • Genuitec - Founder, MyEclipse, GapDebug, WebKit4SWT, MobiOne, zillions of Eclipse innovations
  • WorkingObjects - Founder, PharmTools - bioinformatics toolkit
  • ObjectSpace - Drug discovery, distributed communications
  • Baylor College of Medicine - Human Genome Project
  • NASA (JSC) - AI R&D, fuzzy logic, autonomous operations

background - my multi-rotor KK2 flight control board

  • Work
    • Genuitec