Wayne Kao

Wayne Kao is a highly successful real estate investment entrepreneur with impressive skills in both identifying lucrative investment opportunities and recognizing new talent within the music industry. Additionally, he has turned his personal success and his connections within the entertainment industry to the pursuit of philanthropic endeavors. Wayne Kao is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Economics. While still in college, Wayne Kao was not only engaging in trading S&P; index and currency futures, but also acting as a television guest host for his Commodity Wrap Up segment on the university business channel. Wayne Kao also gained practical experience with an investment firm specializing in global futures trading while still enrolled in college. After graduating from UCLA, Wayne Kao founded his own company, Morgan Browning Capital, LLC, which he has since grown from a boutique-level, distressed real estate investment firm into a private, global firm with more than $1 billion in assets in real estate and property management. Wayne Kao also collaborated with his friend, music producer Cudda Love, in Fo’Reel Entertainment. The upstart label signed the rap artist Nelly for a record contract that subsequently resulted in the star talent’s first solo album, Country Grammar, a platinum success nine times over. Under the auspices of Fo’Reel Entertainment, Nelly has sold in excess of 24 million albums. Wayne Kao has combined his connections to Fo’Reel Entertainment and his success in real estate investments to support a variety of philanthropic efforts. One such project that Wayne Kao is especially fond of was his work with Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas in 2004. Wayne Kao helped bring the group's hit single “Where is the Love” to the We Are The Future (WAF) project spearheaded by Quincy Jones. This international effort works to bring children in impoverished and conflict-ridden areas of the world a chance to develop a sense of hope and live their childhoods to the fullest. We Are The Future is a partnership between Quincy Jones’ Listen Up Foundation and The Global Forum and enjoys the support of major private companies and entrepreneurs such as Wayne Kao, as well as the World Bank. WAF Child Centers provide youth-led activities that teach life skills and encourage recreational activities crucial to a child’s development into a healthy adult. Recently, Wayne Kao hosted the annual Night of Generos