Dr Wilko Duprez

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

With a PhD in medicinal biochemistry and two master degrees in Science, my technical background and interest dwell in Drug Discovery, particularly against infectious diseases such as bacterial and viral infections. However, I developed a strong interest and captivation for science communication, particularly in "outreach" , or the translation of hardcore scientific discoveries and jargon into exciting stories for the broad public. Participating in various communication activities within the university and having led a team of 30 'science ambassadors', I am a regular guest on the science show of a Brisbane community radio. A science blog is under preparation.

In the meantime, I am currently working as a Research Officer on a potential new generation of antibiotics targeting multi resistant pathogenic bacteria (or "superbugs"), but aiming at neutralizing them rather than killing them. This way, we hope to reduce selective pressure and consequently the appearance of drug resistance.

I am also hunting for a new position starting in 2015, either in science communication or in drug discovery, following the termination of my current contract.

  • Work
    • Research Officer (Post-Doc)
  • Education
    • PhD, MBiotech, MBiolStruc