Jo Weber

Oceanside, California, United States

Hi! I'm Jo Weber from Oceanside, California. I newly arrived here from Alabama in May 2014.

I was born a summer child, in at St. Joseph's hospital in Gadsden, Alabama. I started out living in a very old beaten down, shanty (truly) right on the premises of what was called, "The Woodyard", a sawmill where loggers brought in trees to be cut for lumber, then loaded up on trains that sat not 30 feet from the shack. When I was two we would move to Southern California where I grew up, worked and stayed through my first two marriages before moving to Colorado and eventually back to Alabama.

Telling stories is my passion, putting them down on paper, a work in progress. My writing skills are not perfected, so be aware you may quite likely find grammatical errors in my work. I just hope you will look past these to hear my story.

For the most part, they will be based on personal experiences from the past and present. Unless stated otherwise, these are true as seen or experienced through my eyes. Saying that, it may not be entirely accurate, as I already know that my story may differ in places from that of my siblings even though we were at the same place and time with the same parents. In other words, we wore different color glasses, viewing things in a different shade.

It is my goal to also pepper my blog with links to screenplays I've written, so that anyone interested may access them.

In the meantime, this is the beginning of me.

  • Work
    • Writer and Blogger
  • Education
    • School of Hard Knocks primarily. Some college and specialty schools
    • San Diego State, Palomar, Mesa JC. & Samford U