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One of thebest ways to getprospectson the Internetis to bediscussed orrecommendedfrom other sites.TheInternetMarketingeffectivenesslies inplacing a productor service in frontofthe eyes of potentialcustomers at the precisemomentthey arelooking for.

Thistechnique calledin English"Pinpoint Marketing" is very different fromadvertisingin traditional mediasuch as radioor television, which is known astechniques of "interruptive marketing". The"interruptive marketing" is much more expensive than the"Pinpoint Marketing" andisin turnless effectivefor the simplereason thatyou are trying toput your productin front ofthe whole worldrather thanspecificallyin a publicpotentiallyinterested in whatyou offer.

"Pinpoint Marketing"

"Pinpoint Marketing" refers to the process of sendingthe right messageat the righttimeto the right audience, so as to produceimmediate results.For example, you are ina football gameenjoya bag ofpopcorn.At the precise momentthat takes ahandful of popcorna hugeCokelogoappears on the screenof the stadium.The next thingyoudo islook for thefirstCoca-Cola salesmanwho passes byyourseat.

However, ifthe announcement ofa new sportscar appearswhile you areeatingyour popcornandenjoythe game,you will beless interestedbecause itis notclosely related towhat you'relookingat the time.It is true thatthere areotherimplicationsthat could makepositivethat propagandatoo, butlets take itasa general example.

Peopleusuallyaccess the Internetlooking for a solutionto a problem.When yourproduct offersthat solutionand is presentedbefore the eyesof those people, you will come toa potential client. An effective example of this is the Online Classifieds website operating in Canada.


The dissemination oflistingsat a particular time,is a techniquealsoused intelevision andcarriedhandInternetcompanies likeYahoo. Advertisingworksshowingthat specifictime slotinaccessingyour potential customers.


These days,more people than everusingthe Internet to researchproductsprior topurchasing.In turn, theInternethasbecome increasinglyserioustomanage the timethey spendonline.Studies showthat usersare spendingless timesurfing theweband that this "navigation" is getting morefocused and effective.Many usersput in "Favorites" soyour favoritesitesto access themfaster andsimpler.When people seeka solutio