Andrew "weev" Auernheimer

Beirut, Beyrouth, Lebanon

I've a decade in UNIX operations and quantitative direct marketing. I'm relentless in everything I do. Outside marketing and ops work, I am an internationally syndicated author, have discovered software vulnerabilities, and have presence on social media with a Klout score of 80. There are thousands of media pieces with me, both as a commentator and as a story. I have starred in some films. There are many songs written about me and one is on a Billboard top ten album. To not talk too much about myself, I'll let others do the talking:

“An American hero„ —Cyan Banister, TechCrunch [in associated video] 2013

“Offensive and witty detail„—Fox News, 2009

“Think Shakespeare's Puck„ —Taylor Buley, Forbes Magazine, 2009

“has demonstrated himself to be a menace on the Internet„ —Assistant US Attorney Zach Intrater, in my federal bail hearing, 2011

  • Work
    • Goatse Security
  • Education
    • James Madison University
    • CHSPE