Wenceslaus Muenyi

Minneapolis, MN

Born in Cameroon, as a bi-lingual living in my father's very small house with over 20 people-- most of which were not even directly related to me. This meant I grew up not really getting much attention, not really getting much food, not really getting much of anything really. At the end of the day, all that was great because I spent a lot of time making my own toys out of clay, which helped me become a more creative person, and not to mention I was in great shape – 9 years old, 60 pounds (smile). I came to America as a very young man at age 9. When I first arrived here, everything about America amazed me, but my biggest awe moment was when I saw my first phone. This was a dump phone at the time, but it had internet access, it had some games, and a pretty cool screen-- what else would you need in life? Ever since then, I have always had something to do with phones. I began my quest to make money by importing knock off phones from china and selling them online-- which apparently was wrong. From there I moved on to selling couch buses on eBay with a family member.

When all those business ventures turned out not so well, I found myself getting increasingly involved with forums, leading me to a job as an editor on Xda-developers.com-- the world's largest forum. Since then I've been a member of countless site's editorial, marketing, and reviewing team. I have also started my own business as a marketing agent for application developers, and through that, I have made hundreds of friends in the developer world and now have priceless connections.

I am not the type of person that seats around and watches TV and hopes for something to come to me. If I have free time, I am doing one of few things; reading a skill building book on my Kindle to learn something new, thinking of new ways to take myself to the next level in this crazy world, writing the books I have been working on, or working with my AppTrig clients. Life is so very short, and we do not get a chance to re-live it, so I want to do it all so one day I can sit down and not regret the choices I've made.

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    • University of West Florida