Wendi Garcia

Student in Madrid, México

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Hello, my name is Wendi Aylin Garcia Gonzalez. I was born on January 28, 2001. I was born in the municipality of Tecoman, Colima. I study in baccalaureate # 24 in the city of madrid, tecoman, colima,I am studying fifth semester. I like to eat pizza, watch TV and listen to music, and I do not like dogs, cats and sports. Usually every day I wake up I go to the bathroom, I wash my teeth, I change my clothes, I do my homework, I help my mother with the household cleaning, I bathe and I go to school. My favorite hobby is visiting my family. Usually on weekends I spend it with my family, often on saturday evening I go out to the garden with my friends, sometimes I go with my family on weekends. Last weekend we went for a walk the whole family to Guadalajara, and last month a guy came to visit Colima to visit us, next month my grandpa will come to Colima.