Wendy Mai

Brooklyn, New York, United States

For years, I've studied various forms of art and media. The more I learned, the more I was captivated. Since 2005, I've been taking art classes and have seen my technique grow from scribbles to engaging compositions. I also began to develop an interest in filmography and video production in 2007 when I was introduced to Sony Vegas Pro, a video editing software. Soon, I realized I really enjoyed creating motion pictures.

Creating art allows me to express my thoughts and emotions in an abstract way. It gives me a sense of relief. Video production gives me the same kind of feeling. From script writing to filming to video editting, it feels very rewarding to see the pictures that were once in my head become animated on a screen for everyone to see.

When I attended Brooklyn Technical High School, I studied the field of Media Communications. This major allowed me to explore a wide range of art and design. Below is a list of related courses:

Studio Art 2D Design

Graphic Design

Web Design

Film and Videography

Flash Animation

3D Animation

Within two short years, I mastered various software, including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash Professional, Premiere, After Effects, and Autodesk Maya 3D Animation. I am now certified in Premiere and Dreamweaver.

Upon graduation, I was awarded a silver medal for being one of the top two students within the major. My instructor saw the passion and hard work I put in my performance and creations.

The summer of 2012, I interned at Signs & Awnings, Inc. for graphic design. This gave me a whole different perspective on the field and allowed me to use my skills in real world applications. I photographed models, food, settings, etc. and used them to design layouts for posters, signs, awnings, and menus. However, after this experience, I realized how limiting the work actually was. Each design had to comply exactly with my clients' demands so it left very little room for my own creativity.

To my dismay, I'm not able to continue my studies in this field in college, but I have found a new area of interest that I am equally as skilled in: accounting. However, film and art will always be my passion; my compositions will not end here.

Please feel free to look through my website via the link below (wendymai.tk) and contact me with any comments!

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