Wendy L Schultz

Consultant in Oxford, United Kingdom

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Born in the far north to parents who loved travel, good food, and experiencing new things: raised to relentless curiosity.

Fell in love with the future via Asimov and Clarke at age 8, buttressed by my Dad's Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazines.

Read McLuhan and Mumford and Roszak as an undergrad, and the impact cascades rippling out from innovation became as interesting as the inventions themselves.

Discovered an emerging academic discipline: futures studies. Discovered my love of images of our futures - whether in art, science fiction, design, movies, utopian literature - could be a tax write-off if 'futurist' were my profession.

Became a changehunter, trendspotter, and emergentista to identify, track, and map the evolving changes from which our infinite futures will arise. Have been helping people articulate and explore their futures ever since: I teach people to daydream effectively.

  • Work
    • Infinite Futures
  • Education
    • PhD and MA in Futures Studies, University of Hawai'i at Manoa
    • BA in Philosophy, Technology, and Social Change, MSU