Well Hello there! I am Wendy Hamner Stephany. I am from Brevard County, Florida; and live in Saint Lawrence County, in Northern New York happily w/ my husband, Howard. We love dogs and cats. I am an amateur Photographer, self taught, and I love to take pictures of nature, and horses. I love the wilderness, and believe that we need to protect and take care of our Mother Earth. I enjoy editing my photos, taking them, and posting them for others to see. I am also an electronic musician singer songwriter. I use Presonus Studio One and Presonus Audio box usb to record my projects. I have 9 videos on YouTube and a few songs are posted on Reverbnation.

I enjoy networking w/ other artists by checking out their music, and if I like it, I will share it and comment. I also believe that it is important for us musicians to join together and share each other's work so we can all get new followers and fans. My band Page w/ music posted to listen to if you request to join me on Face Book you will be able to see many songs I have collaborated on through the internet


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Check out around 8 songs I have collaborated on , Some are from Dead Center Music I did in 1999, and others are more current collabs w/ Fred Jam and Ed Phoenix at

Fjam Studios

Fjam Google Group

Fred Jam is a great admin and mentor for me. Fjam Studio's has 1,825 members who network and collaborate with each other. Thank you for your interest. Message me if you have any questions or would like to be involved w/ our work. Good Luck w/ whatever you do, and God Bless! StormyWinD/ WendyJStorm :) Very Nice to Meet you! Please email me with what you need, and I will do my best to get back with you if it's something interesting enough. Ciou, and Hagonea ... until then my friend.