New York, NY

Fourth Culture Kid*, market research scientist, strategist, and do-er.

I'm not afraid of numbers. I like to write stories. I don't like to sit on my back end.

I have global experience in strategic planning, market research, data analysis, account management, and foreign languages. Being a "Fourth Culture Kid" has allowed me to not only work and live in New York, Bangkok, Miami, and Taipei, but to also possess multilingual skills in Mandarin Chinese, Thai, French, and English.

My master plan is to become a world-travelling social psychologist with fluency in >10 languages and encyclopedic knowledge of global cultures, armed with a mission to burst culturally-imposed bubbles to facilitate cultural empathy around the world.

*The common term is "Third Culture Kid", but I think "Fourth Culture Kid" more accurately describes my background. Since that is a term I made up, see my explanation here.