Zhou Wenhan

CEO and Product Founder in Singapore

My career has been built around the mobile space. I got into mobile really early by trying to create a J2ME/WAP app for a taxi sharing idea that I had. This then became a early iPhone App (SG Malls) that was acquired by Singtel.

My strengths are in Product Management by listening to users and combining unique engineering solutions to get the product out to customers as early as possible.

I believe that you make your own opportunity because my own initiative have created my enriching experience so far and I program my own apps in my free time.

I currently am involved in enabling the next wave of IT to reach mobile workers.

"Enabling these workers and Enterprise mobility is the largest IT opportunity of the next 5 years. Field workers make up 60% of the workforce in Asia and as education and work becomes more white collared, they need information, communication and collaboration tools to get their work done. "

Get in contact: [email protected]

Products I am involved in