Wensley Evolo

Consultant, Writer, and Editor in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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I started writing digital copy in late 1994, when I was seventeen years old, and edited and published several e-zines from ‘95 to ‘99. In the ‘90s, not having a copywriting nor advertising education, it took me months to learn by trial and error the rules, laws and mechanics of those two trades.

Back then, I wrote my own advertising copy and the content for my host, and managed the community of users in the dying BBS-by-phone era; roughly 94’-’97. I created dozens of ads and headlines for my BBS, ads that were generally one-liners or one-pagers comprised of text-mode graphics along the copy. Once I found headlines and copy that worked, there was no stopping the visitors to my BBS—the telephone line was 24/7/365 busy.

I was recruited by Remorse, the text-art division of Acid, the dominant art collective of the digital art scene, in the year 2000. As hard as those on the scene would like to fancy themselves elite or whatever, it doesn’t stop being an amateur environment. Because of that I retired from the scene in 2006, to write commercially.

My arts—or the things I’m writing while I’m not writing copy—are screenplay writing and poetry. Notwithstanding the radical differences between poetry/screenwriting and advertising/copywriting, these two skills gel very nicely with a copywriter occupation.

I’m willing to write for you with the copy for articles, blog entries, landing pages, capture pages, informative copy for sites, content strategy, social network posts, advertising copy, direct advertising copy, open letter, sales letter, email marketing content, push notifications, magalogs, video script, commercial script, screenplay script, notices for printed or digital promotion, postcard content, business writing.

At present, I'm monitoring my niche in general, and my personal offers in particular in the social media sites I frequent. Also, I’m in the brainstorming stage of my catalog of ideas for screenplays. I have already twenty-five ideas for long-list of fifty I’m aiming at.