Wenyeli Ramírez

Student and blogger in France

Hi! im Wenyeli Ramirez

I'm from a little island in the middle of the Caribbean called Dominican Republic. So wherever I go I can tell that i have a bit of a different perspective regarding any issues. So one of the things I can bring to your company is CULTURAL DIVERSITY and very different point of view.

I haven't worked in a firm before but i have experience with business as I used to manage media accounts for beauty salons trading services for media managing at 17 years old.

One of my main interests its fashion, I love the way we can express our-self through it. At 18 I decided to launch my own brand of handmade bags witch I made. They went too well so I expanded to laptop cases and beach bags too. At the moment I'm on a break of that because I came to France for a Double Degree in International Business.

But the experience was amazing, I’ve learned and acquire business experience in every sense of the word and learned to make deals and negotiations with important people. Also learned about customers relations, how to keep your customers and how to grow in social media.

Also it helped me see creativity as a process and to be original and trust my ideas

I can be a really useful wildcard since I have knowledge and really enjoy Photography, video editing and production.

If you want to learn more about me I invite you to check my accounts on twitter as @wenyelicwramirez and Instagram as @thepetitecurieux.