Yuxiao Wen

Beijing, China

To most people, I am the man who speaks the language of numbers. Yes indeed, my job is to translate numbers into words for others to understand. Since everyone has significant figures in his or her life, please allow me to interpret mine for you.

One - Although I am the only child in my family, I was never lonely because I have a huge extended family and many friends scattered all over the world.

Two - I had two once-in-a-life-time experiences. I was a witness to the Jasmine Revolution in Libya and an emergency coordinator of a rescue team for four employees abducted by FARC, an anti-government organization in Colombia.

Three - I have lost 52 pounds within three months right after high school. It instilled into me a strong sense of perseverance and self-discipline to tackle challenges in life.

Five - I have traveled through five continents and 17 countries. Traveling is my greatest passion outside of work. My friends love to travel with me because I will be their free travel agent, guide, porter, photographer, interpreter and personal shopper during the trip.

Seven - I have seven years of work experience in four countries. I work for China National Petroleum Corporation, the largest integrated energy company in China. Right now I am the finance manager of an oil service project in Ecuador.

∞ - Although technically speaking this is not a number, it stands for my understanding of knowledge, success and life.

  • Education
    • Zhongnan University of Economics and Law
    • San Diego State University