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spencer michael || 15 || i don't know what the fuck i'm doing

trans male, he/him ONLY. bisexual with male preference.

i wrote a couple shit one shots that some people like. i'm on ao3 @luxuryproblems.

-musicals (falsettos, the book of mormon, bare: a pop opera, fun home, hedwig and the angry inch, and dear evan hansen to name a few.)
-films (my favorites are the dirties, it's such a beautiful day, operation avalanche, archie's final project, and manchester by the sea)
-tv shows (it's always sunny in philadelphia, the new normal, zach stone is gonna be famous, the office, and the walking dead)
-elijah & christine
-video game let's plays
-conspiracy theories
-youtuber drama/beef
-punk music
-daydreaming about films i'll never write
-writing films that i'll scrap forty pages in
-hating myself

tag me in stuff you think i might like, especially films and punk bands. also tag me in stuff you know i like, especially the dirties, falsettos (ART ESPECIALLY), and good conspiracy theories.

thanks for reading. hit me up on tumblr if you want. my url is werejusthereforthebadguys. i love you and feel free to message me. i'm not a very good friend, but i'll try to make you feel loved.

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