Werner Kerschbaumer

Cape Town, South Africa

Growing up, natural health, good nutrition and wellness was the norm in our household, not the alternative - both my parents are natural medicine doctors. I suppose it was only natural that most of my siblings and I would in some or other way get involved natural healthcare.

I hold a masters degree in homeopathic medicine and run a private family practice since 1999. Like most people who follow a career as a "calling", I'm passionate about homeopathy, natural health and wellness, but after a few years realized that private practice alone would not provide for everything I want from life. The internet and online social networking turned out to be the perfect vehicle to supplement my finances without risking my career. I've assisted others to do the same or to even make it their main income source.

In addition to my practice, I teach people how to:

extend their wellness

supplement their finances part time

replace lost income

build an income generating asset as an exit strategy from the corporate environment