Wesley Barnes

Savannah, Georgia

Wesley Barnes

Savannah, Georgia

Wesley “Black Dynamite” Barnes became a fan of Mixed Martial Arts in the Sixth Grade, watching the UFC 3 on DVD. In that instance he was committed to becoming a practitioner of the sport. Wesley’s training started at the age of 4, when his father enrolled him in Karate. Wesley’s fighting background is mixed with Wrestling, BJJ, Stand Up Muay Thai, Karate and Judo. As a member of the Marine Corp, Wesley combined these skill sets during combatives. It helped make him very successful as it led him to become the Combative leader for his platoon.

Wesley fights out of champions training center in Savannah, Georgia. Wesley’s current amateur MMA Record is 13 - 1. He is in the 170 weight class. Wesley’s determination to train and get better makes him the future of MMA.


2 x Southeast Fighting Championship

Georgia State Fighting Championship

Eglin Air Force Base Strike Night Champion

Role Models:

Bruce Lee

Master Lloyd Irvin

Radhi Ferguson

Miuhsin Corbbrey

Favorite Fighters are:

1) Anderson Silva

2) GSP

3) Wanderlay silva

4) Sakuraba

5) Randy Couture

6) Anawat

7) Baw Kow

Wesley Barnes is managed by Champions Fight Group. “I am blessed, I have a trainer, manager and promotions team. Not many amateur fighters have that.”

Wesley’s ultimate goal is to fight in the UFC and to be a champion. He also aspires to be an M1 Global Champ as well.

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