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Hello World,

You know in life you are presented with many different opportunities to change. More often you are given to chance to change the hats that you wear. Sometimes by fate and often by chance. But the one thing that remains constant is your ideas that things, if given a chance can change for the better. This is an fundamental function of your existence. Being human we are prone to resist change for fear of the unknown. For lack of the paths to which we may have to travel to get to the other side.

Our initial thoughts of failure pervent us from stepping out on faith, which is for the greater part, is all that we have. It's that first step toward something different from what we know, that scares us into not making a movement toward change. But as I stated earlier, we are often given the chance. Life, like everything else has a way of opening up doors to broading your conception of what you can do should you take the first step. Which is where I've arrived at in this time of my life.

I recently lost my best friend, and soulmate to Cancer in 2010. It was a shock to say the least. But what I had learned from the experience was that there we so much more to me than I could ever realize. Of all the hats I've worn, I had yet to use the skills that I received from learning to wear them. Computers was and will always be my first love. After giving myself a chance to reconnect with them, I learned that I was cutting myself short from my true goals. After many failures, and their were a few. I learned that the best way for me to use those skills were to gain an understanding of how they could change my outlook on life. I seeked to learn how to help others get a better feeling of what computers can do for you. After getting some help from others I learned how to reach out and share what I've learned, not for the money, OK for the money but more so for the satisfaction of helping someone realize their own worth. I set forth to gather the best that I had available to me to share with others, with the goal of reaching out to help someone understand the power they can achieve with using the computer. Not just for idle talking but to use the computer to further themselves in ways that they wouldn't think of using the computer for.

The Changing of the Guards for a betterment of one's self is a great achievement to accomplish. But to me, what's even better is to help someone else feel better about the walk that they are taking in life.

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