Wes Linda

Baltimore, MD

Born the son of a preacher man in the Big Easy AKA New Orleans, life has been a crazy journey ever since! When I was a wee little man I tied a cooler to the handle bars of my bike, loaded it up with sodas and headed off to sell to the construction workers in the neighborhood. This was the start of my life of entrepreneurship. I've sold sodas on a bike, hand braided bracelets (you remember these, don't lie), pagers, cell phones, worked fast food and served in a fine dining restaurant. I've done construction, paving (3 full days before I was fired) and even roofing when I was only 3 years old. At one point I even tried my hand at concert promotion and most recently I've worked as a creative as a creative at one of the most prestigous universities in the world.

It was in my utter failure as a concert promoter that led me to the most amazing woman in the world. 4 1/2 years later we were almost married on the beach in our dream wedding. A little rain pushed the wedding indoors, but it was still the best day in my life!

We were quick to begin making those babies and after 11 years of marrige we've got 4 little minions following us around in our journeys. Our last kid even joined us in your typical side of the highway SUV delivery by dad birth. As you can guess my life is a total whirlwind filled with all of the craziness that is a family of 6!

My journey with photography began as a child seeing amazing images my father captured of landscapes and parks around our home in eastern Tennesse. Once I myself became a photographer, I found myself with a camera in my hands more and more. As time progressed I realized I love capturing amazing images of people.

In June of 2012 I came across The Art of the Headshot by Peter Hurley and I was hooked. Headshots are my passion. After 2 years of hard work, mentoring by Peter and tuning my craft I was recently named a PH2 Associate Photographer by Peter Hurley. Being a member of this elite group of headshot photographers is truly and honor and begins a new chapter in my journey with photography and entrepreneurship.