Wes Miller

I suck at social networking...I know...but I get it and Im working on being more open and "branding myself" as experts will say so here is my opus for 2k14. One day i fell in love with the law…the smell of stagnate books…the difficult to read words, the exclusive member of being an officer of the court…it meant something…justice…Brown v. Board of Education…justice for a grieving widow, the exultation of freeing an innocent man. But as I was warned by one of my professors, the practice of law undermines that love and I guess the practice turned me into a bitter lover looking for greener grass. But the questions abounded...Is who I am limited to what I do, is my self worth limited to my success in the courtroom, should I continue down the road of a path just for money for should I tap into my God given talents to create, should I free my creative instincts that were packed into a box and taped shut and labeled “Frivolous". Should I win another case where my client’s fingerprints were found at the crime scene (still baffled how I pulled that off), and fight to lose an unjust case that zaps your all of emotional reserve to the point of tears in the courtroom?

I chose to submit to my call....my ministry…I’m still learning, but Im pretty good at it and getting better…One day I hope that someone will reflect on their life and say "when I saw that movie by Wes Miller", "I left thinking", "I left motivated", "I cried", or "I was angry". Im working toward that goal. Im more than a lawyer. Im more than a filmmaker. Im a child of God..I am…Me. I am Wes Miller