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My Arcade Galaga Pocket Players Review

The Galaga Pocket Player is one of many collectible handheld game consoles by My Arcade that feature some of the world's most famous classic video games. Galaga was first released and used in the year 1981 and it is just as popular and famous as its predecessor but it started up even with more awesome space-tactic features.

My Arcade Galaga Pocket Players are very portable handheld gaming systems for any age group be it a kid or an adult. They feature high quality artwork inspired by original arcade machines and are boxed in collectible packaging that can be displayed in homes or in offices. My Arcade Galaga are fully playable and perfect for any fans and players of Retro gaming, Pocket Players feature 2.75 inch full color displays, front facing with speakers with a volume controls, and with headphone jacks.

My Arcade Galaga Pocket Player is powered via micro USB or 4 AAA batteries, which are usually not included in it. These handhelds are compact and are very easy and smooth to take along for any kind of trips, airplane flights, train rides and many more.For more information visit myarcade

My Arcade Galaga Pocket Players are ergonomic designed for hours of comfortable play, they have a compact size and usually include lanyard make for perfect on the go gaming. They also have a full color backlit display.