Western Asset Reserve

Kapaa, HI

An auction and trading organization located in Kapaa, Hawaii, Western Asset Reserve comprises a number of evaluation and acquisition entities focused on providing investment-quality artwork, antiques, real estate, and other collectible items at reasonable prices. The company acquires and auctions real estate plots in high-demand areas through Western Land Trust, a branch that focuses on distressed property in the Western United States. With a team of qualified professionals highly experienced in real estate due diligence, Western Asset Reserve recognizes unusual values and delivers them to its customers. The company's goals center on offering high quality opportunities for clients seeking to expand their investment books.

Another Western Asset Reserve division procures and auctions antique, vintage, and other high quality timepieces from collections, estates, and online sellers. Through internationally based contacts, the company completes any necessary restoration and repairs at discount prices that translate into superior values for customers. The organization also collects and distributes several different categories of undervalued luxury items from overseas markets. The company's headquarters off the United States Mainland in Kapaa, Hawaii provide proximity to several overseas markets rich in investment quality, undervalued personal property. Specialties include decorative art such as tea sets, vases, and carved boxes, as well as handcrafted artwork from Asia and surrounding regional markets.

Western Asset Reserve additionally outsources unique jewelry and gemstones from suppliers in Southeast Asia, providing discounted prices for auction participants through reduced manufacturing costs. Other item categories available through the company include coins and stamps, which enduringly increase in value given proper acquisition and storage, as well as antiques and accessories. For auction details and example photos, please visit www.westernassetreserve.com.

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