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A Vast Variety Of Fire Equipment

As firefighters know, there are many types of Fire Fighting Equipment. Among the most important type of equipment is the helmet. Besides protecting the fireman from the actual fire, the helmet also protects from heat as well as falling debris. Some elements of the helmet, such as the shape of the helmet, have stayed the same for many years while others have drastically changed. In years past, helmets were traditionally made of leather. While a few fire departments still use leather helmets, most fire departments use helmets that composite material that makes them lighter, but yet more durable than the leather helmets.

No matter what type of helmet a fire department or an individual fireman chooses to use, it should meet NFPA standards. These are standards that evolve over time and mandate such things as the weight of the helmet, as well as the length of time fire equipment, including helmets, , can be used. Cairns Helmets are a popular brand, which meet all of the NFPA standards.

Another type of fire equipment is Portable Fire Equipment. Fire extinguishers are one type of portable fire equipment. Fire extinguishers contain different types of products that can put out a small fire when the product is sprayed on a fire. The most popular type of fire extinguisher is the stored pressure extinguisher. Many of these extinguishers contain a foam as well as nitrogen to propel the foam out of the canister. The foam extinguishes the fire by covering it and cutting off oxygen, which a fire needs to continue burning.

Along with fire extinguishers, fire blankets are pieces of portable fire equipment that are beneficial for very small fires. The blanket is made from a nonflammable material that when placed over a small fire will smother it. Many people prefer the fire blanket over the fire extinguisher as a safety device because it is extremely simple to use. , the blanket just needs to be pulled out of the container in which it is stored and placed over the fire. Despite the blanket's simplicity, a fire blanket can be used in up to nine-hundred degree heat.

Sometimes traditional fire equipment cannot access water, marsh or wetland areas. In these cases, Wetland Equipment can be used. Some fire departments around the world are adding amphibious vehicles to their fle