Wesley Fryer, Ph.D.

Author, Speaker, and Teacher in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Dr. Wesley Fryer is a Media Literacy teacher and Instructional Coach at Casady School in Oklahoma City. As a teacher, author, speaker, EdCamp organizer, and digital storyteller, Wes supports innovation, creativity, media literacy, STEM, and engaged learning in schools.

Wes' favorite secular quotations are "Chance favors the connected mind" by @stevenbjohnson and "The future is already here, it's just not very evenly distributed" by William Gibson. He wants teachers to ask students: "What do you want to CREATE today?"

Wes' presentation resources are on wiki.wesfryer.com. More info about Wes' speaking is available. A longer bio is available on wesfryer.com/bio.

He blogs at speedofcreativity.org and shares ideas on several Twitter channels. He maintains several podcast channels including "The EdTech Situation Room" (@edtechSR) and Speed of Creativity podcasts.

Wes also enjoys creating cooking videos (especially backyard BBQ) on YouTube, and maintaining a family cooking and recipe website.

More ways to learn with Wes are linked on wesfryer.com/after.

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