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WhatsApp Spy is an application which lets you see any activity your chosen person from your contact list is doing. You can spy on and read their messages without their knowing, keeping your identity fully hidden and undetected because this tool uses latest most reliable protection and proxies which makes you fully under the radar and safe.

At first stages when this app was just an idea, we wanted to make it just for fun, to see if we are capable to hack into someones WhatsApp account and spy on someones conversation. After some weeks of programming, testing and bugs fixing we finally succeeded. But after we released the tool to the audience for free, people went so crazy about it. We're really surprised how much people are willing to monitor someones activity over WhatsApp. There is so much unbelief between especially teenagers and people who are in relationship or even married who suspect in their partner for cheating. So obviously these ones are desperate and search for any possible method how they can hack into their online accounts such as Facebook, email and WhatsApp one and see if they talk to someone of opposite sex for cheating.
This explained above is the main reason why people search for tools like this one. Other reasons are parental purposes which parents seek for protect their children activity and monitoring employees in some large companies because some of them can be corrupted and wants to cheat their system.

Interested to try our app? No problem! We are pleased our tool is used by many people worldwide, that makes us happy as developers because it means we've done good work.

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DISCLAIMER: You agree to use this application just for parental control purposes or to monitor your employees BUT just with their permission first asked.