Andreea Nastase

Oh hi.

I'm a 6-year-old disguised as a 22-year-old. I work as a planner for JWT and you can find me writing a blog that I named the wanky planner blogas a safeguard because no one's interested in account planning apart from other planners and the minute you start talking about brands you sound a little bit silly.

I studied advertising (Manchester Met) and went on to work in the area because I think it's the closest I can get to changing how people think and feel without working in the public sector. That, and being a researcher felt lonely (sorry if you're a researcher).

I'm not like those cool people who drink flat whites and I'm definitely the wrong person to sit next to at a dinner party unless you want to talk about the typeface on the menu. I bore the pants off others because I'm into sociology, globalisation and the likes so between me and someone who went to school with that guy on the X Factor, I know who might win.

Right now you might want to skip straight to Facebook.

Things I do/like

worry a lot

read anything I can find

talking to people or singing if they've been bad

cooking & baking

finding ways of statying fit whilst sat on my bum all day

architecture, typography and hand lettering.

social issues (inequality, experiences of modern life, psychological effects of unemployment, audience research, mass media. the lot.)

Random things I want to do in the near/distant future

move myself down to London

point at something and say 'we made this at work'

work at W+K one fine day

go to Cambridge (

learn how to make croissants

do a triathlon & Welsh 3000s

More pictures and random bizzaro things I like on the tumblr. As you do.