Vicky Lee

Software Engineer, Event Organiser, and Advocate diversity in tech in Ireland

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A Pythonista (I think I can call myself that nowadays). I ♥ Python (after my hubby, of course).

I organise lots of tech events nowadays, all non-profit. Following are the roles I'm involved in at the moment...

PyLadies Dublin Founder

Python Ireland member

EuroPython Society member

PSF Member

Dublin GameCraft co-Founder

Coding Grace co-Founder

EventGeekie Founder

WITS Ireland, Exec Committee Member

weAREhere co-Founder

IGA (Irish Game Association) Member

AlterConf Dublin (Ambassador)


Python Ireland Chair / co-Chair

PyCon Ireland Chair / co-Chair

EuroPython Society Board Member

  • Work
    • Tech Event Organiser
  • Education
    • B.Sc. Computer Systems
    • M.SC. Multimedia