Hakimi Asyraf

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I am on a journey of continuous learning, make things happen and have fun. No seriously, that was something I just copy-and-paste. But I guess it really applies to everyone too.

My dream is exactly that, plus to create a legacy so that people would remember, that I was part of something awesome.

I used to work on the following personal projects during my years as a student:

Notakosong.com - Was the sole author for Notakosong.com. Notakosong.com is a blog-zine, act as an alternative media based on Bahasa Malaysia. Strong fanbase of more than 2,300 fans. Average of 48,000 unique visitors per-month during its peak. Average monthly turnover of RM450 from advertising and advertorial, until it was finally discontinued in October 2012.

ArsenalFTW.com - Was the sole author for ArsenalFTW.com. Fan-made blog on English Premier League Club, Arsenal F.C. Provide the club fans with matches review and personal verdict. Goes by the author nickname of WhyKimi. Did not manage to fully monetize the contents due to lack of promotions and contents. Discontinued in November 2012.

  • Work
    • Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS)
  • Education
    • Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS