Will Freeman

Video Game Journalist, Copywriter, and Event Curator in Hastings, United Kingdom

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I'm a freelance video game journalist, copywriter, game event content curator, researcher, speaker, script editor, and consultant, writing across the specialist, consumer and trade press.

I've covered games for The Observer and The Guardian for over a decade, and continue to serve the latter. I also did a nine-year stint at the brilliant Develop; a magazine and website for game makers and the game industry. There I served as editor and then contributing editor. Now I do similar work as editor of TheGamingEconomy.

You can find my words in places like Edge, Eurogamer, Kotaku, Trusted Reviews, PCGamesN, IGN, Vice Waypoint and Gamespot.

As well as the aforementioned copywriting, research, event curation and so on, I've also stood as judge for the BAFTA game awards, the Develop Awards and Tiga's awards.

My true specialty is covering and consulting on the game industry itself, be it on the technology, design and creativity side of things, or in terms of the business and ecosystem of the sector. I love the game industry – and its community – as much as the game medium.

I also cover a lot of VR and tabletop gaming. And a bit of LEGO for Blocks Magazine.

I'm a serial hobbyist too, so you can readily find me banging on about arcades and arcade hardware, shmups, yo-yos, birdwatching, shipspotting (really!), Technic LEGO, pretentious/silly electronic music and myriad other distractions.

And once I wrote for Viz.