Will Price

Bristol, UK

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I'm dedicated to building the best things I can.

Currently that means studying Computer Science at Bristol University, apprenticing under Jason Gorman (http://codemanship.co.uk/parlezuml/blog/) who's teaching me how to build reliable software, how to fail early and often, and what's available in industry.

I'm always tinkering with something, or learning something new.

I've built email notifiers that look like American mail boxes, a soap box derby racer, hydrogen powered water rockets. I've taken courses in Blacksmithing and taught myself green wood carving (to make kitchen utensils), welding, antique restoration and basic leatherwork among many other transient obsessions!

I don't like things going to waste, especially tools which I enjoy restoring and using.

There are few hobbies that fail to excite me.

I'm also highly involved in outreach work getting young people involved in technology by helping out at events like Young Rewired State and Digimakers where I volunteer as a mentor and workshop leader.

  • Work
    • Apprentice at Codemanship
  • Education
    • Bristol University
    • Hereford Sixth Form College