Will DeKrey

Social Impact Accelerator, Entrepreneur, and Marketer in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Will DeKrey

Social Impact Accelerator, Entrepreneur, and Marketer in Cambridge, Massachusetts

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1. I collaborate with others to build things that matter.

Coordinating across four organizations, I guided the development of an online platform that has allowed one of the country’s largest grantmakers to enhance the effectiveness of a network of 53 grantee organizations. I also partnered with a startup to build a proprietary tool that improved the effectiveness and speed of nonprofit advocacy efforts through the use of social network analysis.

2. I find meaning in data.

I led the creation of an award-winning, online story based on aggregated data visualization of civic engagement indicators. I conducted data analysis in R and Tableau and built the website in JavaScript (Impress.js). The site was featured by Fast Company, GovFresh, and others.

3. I solve business problems with multidisciplinary thinking.

I formulated a new business model for a struggling education organization by combining (1) rigorous quantitative modeling of educational outcomes data, (2) qualitative insights from over fifty stakeholder interviews, (3) emerging network science research. The organization subsequently increased performance on key metrics and secured a $12 M expansion grant.

4. I grow audiences.

I led Community Wealth Partners' shift from a “blast communications” approach toward a broader engagement strategy. I developed a three-year plan focused on partnering with our target market to build content that could simultaneously strengthen our brand and expand our prospect pipeline. After the first year of implementation, top target market leaders had publicly praised our thought leadership, our website visits and social media referrals grew by 43% and 65% respectively, and we began capturing dozens of inbound qualified prospects.

5. I act with authenticity and accountability.

Acknowledging at age 21 that I was gay meant dismantling the successful but false image I had built and stepping confidently forward amid uncertainty about how the world would react. I feared that acknowledging my lie and sharing my vulnerability, would turn people away. Instead, the process made me a more confident and authentic friend, colleague, and leader.

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