Will DeKrey

product Manager and Social Impact Accelerator in Boston, MA

Will DeKrey

product Manager and Social Impact Accelerator in Boston, MA

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1. I collaborate with others to build things that matter.

I’ve been building products and tools since the very beginning of my career (...childhood, if you count IRC chatbots). I’ve worked within a variety of processes and team structures, and have built products for a wide range of stakeholders. I’ve played a hand in building a geographic mapping tool for election campaigns, an interactive network mapping tool, a platform for online collaboration, a grantee capacity assessment portal, a business intelligence tool, an early childhood education app, and marketing tools to help small businesses grow better.

2. I find meaning in data.

I led the creation of an award-winning, online story based on aggregated data visualization of civic engagement indicators. I conducted data analysis in R and Tableau and built the website in JavaScript (Impress.js). The site was featured by Fast Company, GovFresh, and others.

3. I solve business problems with multidisciplinary thinking.

I formulated a new business model for a struggling education organization by combining (1) rigorous quantitative modeling of educational outcomes data, (2) qualitative insights from over fifty stakeholder interviews, (3) emerging network science research. The organization subsequently increased performance on key metrics and secured a $12 M expansion grant.

4. I grow and unleash those around me.

I had the opportunity to hire, fire, train, and grow multiple 10+ person teams during the 2008 election campaign. That experience taught me that I had a whole lot to learn about leadership. I jumped, then, at the opportunity to join a company focused on consulting with leadership teams, recognizing that I could accelerate my learning by advising executives while watching them succeed and fail. Over time, I grew into a management role, coaching and directing the work of newer consultants. While at HubSpot, I’ve invested deeply in leveling up those around me. I'm proud that cross-functional members of my teams indicate that we've welcomed and challenged them more deeply than others.

5. I act with authenticity and accountability.

Acknowledging at age 21 that I was gay meant dismantling the successful but false image I had built and stepping confidently forward amid uncertainty about how the world would react. I feared that acknowledging my lie and sharing my vulnerability, would turn people away. Instead, the process made me a more confident and authentic friend, colleague, and leader.

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