William McConnaughy

William D. McConnaughy is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) who understands the issues related to tax debt very well. Owing tax debt to any of the various authorities that collect them is not an ideal situation. It is something that many people dread because they know exactly how ruthless such a situation can turn out to be. The Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, is not an agency you want to be on the wrong side of. They have broad authority to close down debts that includes what would amount to harrassment if any other organization did it. Letters, notices, late penalties, interest, phone calls, personal visits, liens, and even account seizures are all things that regularly occur when the Internal Revenue Service feels they are owed money by someone. William D. McConnaughy, CPA, helps to put a stop to this behavior by handling tax debt issues for his clients.

William D. McConnaughy handles tax debt cases capably, efficiently, and confidentially. Most people do not want the entire world knowing that they are in debt to the IRS or any other agency, so confidentiality is vital to many. William D. McConnaughy can help the make the entire process of paying back taxes much simpler than it would otherwise be.

William D. McConnaughy is a CPA, which means that he understands how to protect his clients in this situations and help them to plan to pay back their taxes and such, sure. But he is more than just a CPA. He has an extensive work history in dealing with tax debt, which includes working as an agent with the Internal Revenue Service. Having worked on both sides of this conflict over unpaid taxes, William D. McConnaughy understands what each party is after and how best to resolve any single case. William D. McConnaughy brings his considerable experience to bear on each case and has a good track record of resolving tax debt issues for his clients.