Will Figueroa

Husband, Dad & Techie in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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I'm an ENTP personality with some serious passion for all kinds of consumer technology and my catholic faith. Doctors told me at 12 years old, I would do nothing more in life than taking tickets at a theatre. No matter my brain trauma, I've accomplished more than I can imagine, let alone what doctors thought was possible.

I'm pretty self-aware of who I am, my strengths and weaknesses too. That took many years to figure out, and now I use it to my advantage.

I have a ton of experience in IT support, corporate training, and management. While getting my college degree, I got a cool certification as an Information Security Professional with the Department of Homeland Security. It's pretty awesome.

I also have some performance background in theater, radio, and live performances. I was always a theater kid growing up and occasionally do local shows to help raise funds or bring awareness to a cause. My wife and I use this aspect in our lives to help teach teens about their faith. We often get a call to help teens form their Catholic / Christian faith at schools or different ministries in churches. So we try and create cool experiences to help them in their growth.

I toured with an A Capella Group for a bit and even became a live radio host for Disney while saving for college. Some of my highlights were sharing a stage with Kelly Clarkson and singing for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

The bottom line is I help people get connected securely and safely both in technology and in faith. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to use both at the same time.

Friends call me WiFi for short.

I think I was born for this.

  • Education
    • Arizona State University