Bill Helman

IT Proffesional and Librarian Faculty in Baltimore, Maryland

Plucky and resourceful, I am an adventurer in the Colossal Cave sort of way. I also lead a library IT group that is responsible for our web presences, as well as our public, classroom, and staff systems.

I am professionally interested in issues surrounding digital accessibility for instructional materials and library resources, as well as the recruitment and retention of diverse library IT staff. Unprofessionally I am passionate about baking, bbq and coffee.

I live with a beautiful wife, two young adventurers, three chickens, two cats, thousands of honey bees, and a giant vegetable garden. I love them all to varying degrees.

  • #libraries
  • #technology
  • #digitalaccessibility
  • #coffee
  • Work
    • Towson University
  • Education
    • University of Maryland Baltimore County
    • Simmons College
    • University of Notre Dame